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CAE™ is a leader in the delivery of project, engineering and technical services specialising in fluid handling. We provide performance driven solutions throughout the asset life cycle, from concept to servicing  across a broad range of industrial markets including oil & gas, power & process, chemical & pharmaceutical, food & drinks,  and general industrial sectors.

Systems & Calibration

Systems & Calibration is the newest division of Clyde Associated Engineers with staff having over 30 years of knowledge experience in the controls and automation industry.


CAE™ CASKFILL™, Filling Machines (Designed and manufactured by CAE™ Systems and Calibrations)

Disgorging Machines (Designed and manufactured by CAE™ Systems and Calibrations)

CASKLOG™  (Designed and configured by CAE™ Systems and Calibrations)

Electrical and Control Panels (Designed and commissioned by CAE™ Systems and Calibrations)


Maintenance Services

Tank Calibrations (To certified standards)

Meter Calibrations (To certified standards)

First line trouble shooting (Diagnosing plant issues, and rectifying)

Available on a callout basis

Periodic maintenance (to customers/ QA or legal requirements)

Project Services

Programming (PLC and Scada systems, integration to third party systems)

Siemens, Rockwell PLCs.  PcVue Scada

Other PLC’s and Scada products available based on customer requirements

System Installation and Commissioning

Complete capability available

Technical troubleshooting (Electrical faults, configuration faults, communication problems)

As necessary during system installation

Available on a callout basis

Knowledge of legal and technical standards/regulations for

Wiring / Electrical installations

Equipment operation in hazardous environments (zoning)

Intrinsic Safety Loop calculations for hazardous areas








We were delighted  with the level of service, quality  and professionalism  throughout the 9 month project and will have no hesitation using Clyde Associated Engineers again for both project and on going maintenance work. 

P. Needham

Strategic Development Director

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