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Ash Recovery



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Project Summary

Enva’s ash recovery facility processes fly ash into an end product which meets the technical standards required for use in construction projects.


To manufacture, install and insulate all process pipework. Lift and install vessels and mechanical equipment. Manufacture and installation of all walkways and pipebridge sections. Supply and install all process pumps and valves.


Working around ongoing plant operatives

Busy site

Significant vehicular movement


Treating material locally and reducing the associated haulage saves an estimated 950,000kg of Co2 annually.

Recycling fly ash provides a circular economy solution, avoiding landfill and supporting carbon reduction goals.

Every tonne of ash produced goes into making 4-5 tonnes of concrete as a fine aggregate replacement in an average concrete mix.

Savings of 200-300kg of virgin materials per tonne of concrete by replacing with recycled ash.

ash recovery 3.png
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ash recovery 3.png

We engaged CAE™  to assist with the installation of our new Ash Recycling facility. In addition to the construction and installation CAE™ also provided a number of ideas and solutions we have successfully adopted as part of the process. Safety is our number one priority and CAE™ were proactive with a positive approach to health and safety. We were delighted with the level of service, quality and professionalism throughout the project and will have no hesitation using CAE™ again for both project and on going maintenance work.

P. Needham

For more information on the Enva Ash Recycling project, click here.




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