The Apprentice - You're Hired!

What turned into two years of uncertainty, adjusting to different ways of working and new workplace protocols was hard enough for seasoned staff so what about those new to the world of work?

Jack is one of our apprentices at Clyde Associated Engineers. He’s been with us since March 2019 and rode the wave of the pandemic along with millions of other workers across the UK.
He tells us how he found starting as an apprentice and how he coped with the world suddenly changing a year later:

“I joined CAE in 2019 as an apprentice pipefitter / welder. I really threw myself into learning as much as I could on the job and also the theory side of things too.  I remember when I got to weld for the first time; I watched what the instructor did and he made it look so easy, I thought it would be simple but it was much harder than it looked! Thankfully, I’m a lot better at it now!

I was just getting used to the early starts in the morning when the pandemic hit and we went into lock down.

I knew I couldn’t sit around in the house doing nothing so I made sure I got out on my bike every day for exercise and fresh air and also did a fair bit of studying.


I think this prepared me well when we were then allowed back into the office/workshop and while it was a little strange being around people again, I found I was much more proactive than I used to be when working on jobs, my communication skills had also improved too. I’m not sure if this was pandemic related but it definitely helps in the job!

I did find post-pandemic that I was really tired after a day of physical work –more than I had been before – and once I even fell asleep on the train home and missed my stop. Thankfully saved by my mum who drove to Wishaw to pick me up!

I’m really happy that everything is almost back to normal and restrictions are being lifted. I missed the workshop banter and the feeling of pride after doing a good welding job.”


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