Systems & Calibration

We are a new division of Clyde Associated Engineers Ltd with staff having over 30 years of knowledge experience in the controls and automation industry.


  • CAE CASKFILL™, Filling Machines (Designed and manufactured by CAE Systems and Calibrations)
  • Disgorging Machines (Designed and manufactured by CAE Systems and Calibrations)
  • CASKLOG™  (Designed and configured by CAE Systems and Calibrations)
  • Electrical and Control Panels ((Designed and commissioned by CAE Systems and Calibrations)

Maintenance Services

  • Tank Calibrations (To certified standards)
  • Meter Calibrations (To certified standards)
  • First line trouble shooting (Diagnosing plant issues, and rectifying)
  • Available on a callout basis
  • Periodic maintenance (to customers/ QA or legal requirements)

Project Services

  • Programming (PLC and Scada systems, integration to third party systems)
    • Siemens, Rockwell PLCs.  PcVue Scada
    • Other PLC’s and Scada products available based on customer requirements
  • System Installation and Commissioning
    • Complete capability available
  • Technical troubleshooting (Electrical faults, configuration faults, communication problems)
    • As necessary during system installation
    • Available on a callout basis
  • Knowledge of legal and technical standards/regulations for
    • Wiring / Electrical installations
    • Equipment operation in hazardous environments (zoning)
    • Intrinsic Safety Loop calculations for hazardous areas


For all Systems & Calibrations enquiries please email the General Manager Simon McLeod at SML@CAELTD.CO.UK or call him on 07803023624


Other Contacts:


Installation Manager

Bobby Rodger




Service & Calibration Manager

Graeme McDermott