Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Liquivac pumps can handle combinations of liquids, gases and fine solids. Manufactured by renowned pump engineering specialists Tomlinson Hall, Liquivac can perform a huge range of operations.

The pumps are widely used by utilities companies, chemical processors, food and drink producers, environmental engineers, desalination plants and sealife centres, and have a proven track record across a wide range of industry sectors.

Recognised for its durability and reliability, Liquivac’s innovative liquid ring vacuum design can accommodate solids of up to 2mm in diameter during the transfer of liquids, air, foam, emulsions and vapours. The technology is also highly effective when used in pump priming systems to increase process efficiency and to protect larger vacuum pumps from damage.


How it works...

Liquivac boasts an innovative liquid ring vacuum design and incorporates a twin start helical rotor mounted eccentrically in a cylindrical pump barrel.

On installation, the pump should be primed with a suitable liquid and during start-up, a liquid ring is created, forming a seal between the rotor and casing, creating a series of crescent-shaped cavities, travelling from suction to delivery. In the priming cycle, air is drawn into the cavities, compressed and discharged through the pump.

Once fully primed, the cavities are filled with liquid, displacing any liquid warmed in the priming cycle.

Liquivac’s cast iron or 316 stainless steel pump body, combined with a stainless steel rotating element, makes the pump extremely robust in operation.

Liquivac characteristics:

  • Discharge heads to 3 bar

  • Suction lifts to 8.5m

  • Long suction lines - 500m+

  • Priming rate to 40m3/HR

  • Flow rate - liquids to 35m3/HR

  • Can accommodate solids of up to 2mm in diameter