Legacy of Innovation and Customer Service

Designed and manufactured for over 40 years in Düsseldorf, Germany, DEPA® Air-Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps have earned industry recognition for premium quality and innovative design.
Focus on customer satisfaction is supported with quality and reliability, validated by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Product Highlights

  • DEPA® offers a wide range of pumps for diverse applications, from standard pumps to highly customized and engineered products, and we supply accessories and components suitable for most AODD pump installations
  • Interchangeability of components among DEPA® pumps offers unprecedented fl exibility in many applications, extending product life and reducing total cost of ownership
  • We are an AODD pumps manufacturer with an in-house research and development department, constantly driving product improvement and innovation, e.g. with our DEPA® diaphragm technology
  • DEPA® air distribution systems are designed for high eff ciency
  • DEPA Nopped E4® diaphragms are available in a comprehensive selection of sizes with extended service life and an enviable safety and performance record
  • Our material certifications meet hygienic standards, both for food and pharmaceutical, offering compliance with FDA, EHEDG, and 3A Sanitary Specifications
  • Our products also conform to ATEX requirements for use in potentially explosive and hazardous applications: DEPA® is currently the only AODD zone 0 pumps manufacturer

Key Industries:

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic process applications call for demanding hygienic standards (EHEDG, FDA, and 3A) and efficient “cleanability” of system components. DEPA® pumps accommodate these requirements with their design and polished surfaces (up to 0,5 μm) permitting in-place cleaning and sterilization.


DEPA® pumps were designed with an unimpeded flow-path, providing smooth transfer of product, which generates minimal shear effect even with large solid content.

Paint and Varnish

Paints and varnish production utilizes unique applications. Two of these applications are dosing of chemicals and mixing of paints. A commonly found process—transfer of solvents—can create an explosion-prone atmosphere. Our DEPA® pumps operate safely under these conditions, and come with full ATEX certifcation for your peace of mind.

Tanks/Cisterns - Evacuation (or transfer between vessels)

DEPA® pumps operate effectively in applications such as emptying of mobile and stationary tanks. Their high flow rate speeds up this process. The media transferred (pumped out) can vary from solvents and acids to alcali or other products.

Industrial & Chemical

The selection of available housing and elastomer materials make our pumps adaptable for most highly aggressive or corrosive media. DEPA® pumps’ outstanding chemical resistance and robust design contribute to a reliable and safe operation.