As a global leader in filtration technology for all kinds of fluids, Eaton brings an unparalleled depth of engineering experience and breadth of product availability to bear on your unique set of water filtration challenges. Pre-packaged, one-size solutions do not fit all, and Eaton water filtration experts know how to analyse your requirements and harness proven design technologies to create a system that meets your needs exactly. Because Eaton engineers can draw on a broad range of products and technologies to create component solutions, modules and systems that precisely meet your specific water filtration challenges, you can depend on Eaton to deliver solutions that are:


Eaton water filtration systems are at work today consistently meeting EPA, FDA, USDA, cGMP and literally hundreds of other regulatory and process-specific requirements for utilities, process industries, and manufacturing facilities around the world.


Eaton water filtration systems are engineered to meet your challenges using the best available components and technologies selected and integrated to achieve an optimal solution and deliver the results you need.


Eaton water filtration systems are always designed with your operating cost and profitability goals firmly in mind. The most effective and efficient solution to your needs always is the most economical solution in the long run.

Environmentally Responsible

Eaton water filtration systems are part of our corporate commitment to being sustainable by design in everything we do. Good environmental stewardship is simply good business, for Eaton, for our customers and for the world. Whatever your water filtration challenge may be, wherever in the world it’s located, Eaton is ready to help you meet it with an effective, efficient, economical, and environmentally responsible solution specifically engineered for you.